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< 25 January Forte Management to NZ Initiative Insights Newsletter argues that understanding New Zealand's economic performance requires us to move past our reliance on quantitative mathematical modelling and look to the particular behaviours that are a function of Kiwi national culture Continue reading 7 January Aquaculture New Zealand writes of Helen Smale's move from CEO of the Marlborough Shellfish Quality programme to seek new adventures working with her husband Tony in their management consultancy Forte Management. Article chronicle's Helen's contribution to the aquaculture industry here in New Zealand and globally. Continue reading 7 January NZ Science Review publishes Forte Management Paper. "We were delighted to receive an invitation from the NZ Science Review" to submit a paper on our working linking nation's innovation performance and their national culture." says Forte Management consultant Tony Smale. Tony is according to BNZ's Tony Alexander, New Zealand's expert on this vitally important subject. The Paper appears on page 62, Vol 70 (3) 2013. Continue reading 18/08/2013 Forte Enterprise Digest August 2013 edition complimentary newsletter designed to inform, challenge and stimulate out now. Principal focus in this edition: Helen Smale joins Forte as full time consultant and reflections on the Fonterra food safety fiasco. Continue reading 18/08/2013 News release - Forte Management to welcome new full time consultant. Co-owner Helen Smale is to join the Forte Management team full time on 9th September 2013. Continue reading >

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"If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success."
John D Rockefeller (1839-1937)

As a client looking to engage a management or marketing consultant we understand your goal is pretty simple. You want to improve some aspect of your business performance. To help you achieve that goal it's important that your consultant brings you "meaningfully unique", tailored and practical advice – and that's exactly what we do for you at Forté Management – Management and Marketing Consultants.

Solving the Performance Puzzle

We're driven by a simple philosophy – we want to make a diference – for New Zealand – and especiallly for our clients. That means that we've had to solve a rather pressing puzzle. "Why is it in a land of honest, hard working, intelligent business people, for every dollar of investment, every hour of effort, our peers in other countries are able to create and harvest more value than we do?" One thing we were certain of – the usual reasons offered didn't provide the whole answer. Click here to see why and check New Zealand's performance over the past 110 years). Let's be frank here – finding the answer to that question and turning what we learned into meaningful tools and strategies for our Kiwi clients really got under our skin – it became our passion – our mission – and it still is.

Of course there's never going to be one simple button we can all press. That only happens in politicians speeches. But let's be very clear – as well as our own research, there's a lot of other good research and practical experience that helps solve the puzzle. Problem is, apart from Forté Management, no one has really tried to draw all the threads together into something useful for business owners and managers. That makes us "meaningfully unique"!

Three things every business needs to know

Here's what we've learned. First – New Zealand's policy settings are near best practice and our institutions close to text book. Second, the usual reasons of small size and distance from market only explain a small part of the puzzle. Third and most important, our special Kiwi way of thinking and behaving means that we are much more motivated by the adventure and discovery of doing new things than the detail and discipline of harvesting value. There's nothing much we can do about the first two – but we can design our strategies, plan and manage our businesses and our engagements with our customers differently – built around our own special Kiwi way of thinking and behaving - if we want to harvest all the value that is on offer. Because – at the moment – despite our ingenuity and hard work, we inadvertently let a lot of value slip through our fingers. Needlessly! Here's some work that we did with the New Zealand Institute about a year or two back.

Applied practical solutions

What we've learned from our decades of practical business and management experience across many different types of organisations, wrapped together with our own and others' research permeates every aspect of our consulting services. Then to make all this knowledge even more accessible for our clients we've developed a suite of tools and strategies to analyse, diagnose, strategise and execute – specially tailored for Kiwi businesses that want to supercharge their business performance!

An invitation

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about how Forté Management can help you - or contact us now to talk about your goals and needs.

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