Coaching is a facilitated process helping people to explore and develop their full potential - in life - in work. It is about empowering their potential. Helen is our qualified professional executive coach. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and we abide by its rules and code of ethics.

No one has complete control over the things that happen to them in their daily and work lives. They do have control over how they react and respond. That’s an important part of the coaching process. It is about building new neural pathways that provide people with more choices of the way that they think and behave. 

In its purest form, coaching assumes that people have all the knowledge that they need to do their jobs. It is the coach’s job to help them discover that, then help them develop the confidence to apply that knowledge.

At Forté Management, we apply our own “hybrid” coaching model. We work with our clients as a team or Helen on her own. Either way our fees are the same. Our model helps clients build a new layer of knowledge and skills alongside what our client already knows. There are two reasons for this:

  • There is so much new management science emerging that for most people it is unrealistic to keep up (that’s our job). Much of the new science is turning “conventional wisdom” upside down.

  • In New Zealand it is common place for people to be promoted to managing people fromtechnicall roles – because they were good at what they did. That happened to both of us. For instance, because Tony was a good biochemist, he was promoted into a management role (a long time and much study and experience ago!). These managers are competent, even expert in their technical roles. Yet they have little or no formal training in management, and especially in managing people. The research shows that this is our weakest area of management in New Zealand. It's also our greatest opportunity for improvement.

In sport, working with a coach is an expected part of getting better. More and more around the world, managers too are reccognising the benefits of working with a professional coach.

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