Our history

We’ve been around since 1991. We’ve worked with hundreds of private and public sector organisations. Thousands of people. We’ve learnt an enormous amount from them. What works and what does not. Where opportunities lay. Where the focus should be.


With backgrounds in science we like evidence based management science. We are avid readers and adopters of contemporary management science and practices. Then, applying our expertise in Kiwi culture and positive psychology, we fine tune it for the New Zealand context. Much of what we are now learning is turning many traditional practices upside down.  

Our services are split into two parts. One is more technical involving research, analysis and reporting. Examples include reporting on shellfish safety management in Tasmania, and developing a strategy to deal with the aging workforce in Marlborough. The second part is more humanistic. It focuses on "people performance" and creating an environment in which they can excel.

Our philosophy

Our services are dynamic. Technical competence (qualifications and experience) are vital success ingredients. Yet, they alone won't get the job done. Our philosophy is equally important. Maybe even more so. Our key philosophies underpin everything that we do:

  • Most people know more than they realise. Often they are looking for confirmation that they are on the right track. It's our job to help them find that confidence while adding new knowedge and attitudes.

  • Over the last few years, what we know about evidence based management science has changed. It's our job to validate that science and bring it to our clients.

  • Just because something works overseas, even the UK and Australia, does not mean it will automatically work in New Zealand. It's our job to interpret overseas research for the New Zealand context.

  • Given the right training, encouragement and culture, the vast majority of people want to do a good job. Almost as many want to grow and develop.  It's our job to help managers create the culture, structure and practices that empower staff to perform at their best.

  • Many people arrive in a new job as ‘diamonds in the rough’. In an environment where there are more jobs than people, a key for managers is to recognise these diamonds, to engage and grow them. Knowledge and skills are important. Attitudes even more so.


Our work, whether consulting, coaching or training focuses around ever emerging themes. These depend on our client's particular needs. National culture and positive psychology run through everything that we do. Recurring themes, include “setting clear expectations”, “solutions focus”, and “task versus behaviour”. These all help focus managers attention in key areas.


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