Our workshops are available in public format or as customised in-house training. Where practical, we recommend in-house training. Here is a selection.

Essential Skills for Frontline Managers & Supervisors 

Specially designed for new and experienced supervisors, team leaders and frontline managers. This focused workshop provides a foundation in the essential skills required to effectively lead and manage teams of people, ensure that they can do their best work every day and optimise their contribution to the business’s bottom line. It is based on an amalgam of international and New Zealand research, Forté Management’s own practical experience and the feedback and input of the hundreds of people who have already attended the workshop.

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Nurturing Great Workplace Performance and Fixing What’s Broken

Most managers would prefer to jump out of an aeroplane than have a difficult workplace conversation. Yet that’s the starting point for fixing poor performance. Before that though are a whole wealth of opportunities to empower your staff to do their best work each day. Creating the right environment for that to happen is your responsibility not theirs.

How to Communicate Assertively with Confidence

Communicating may be the most complex, and most important thing that managers do. Yet, mostly people give it about as much thought as breathing 

Communicating clear expectations and constructive feedback is a big challenge for Kiwi managers. To get your message across, you need to communicate so you are understood, as well as avoiding being misunderstood. Kiwi communication is very indirect and too often we don’t say what we mean. Learn about techniques to communicate assertively and effectively, even in difficult circumstances. 

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"How to" Guide to Finding More Time in Your Day – Time Management

 Everybody gets exactly the same amount of time – it’s what you do with it that counts. Organising, prioritising, scheduling and delegating. An inspiring and informative look at personal productivity – getting the most out for what you put in. Includes 32 tips from which to compile your personal productivity strategy and plan. It includes separating what is important from what is urgent, so you can set and achieve priorities. One of the greatest time costs in today’s workplace is interruptions. Being able to quickly get back up to speed after interruption has become a key skill.

Setting Meaningful Goals and Turning Them into Action

Planning and setting goals is not a favourite activity of Kiwi managers. Yet the research shows that when done right, the payback is huge. This uplifting workshop starts from building a clear picture of where you want to be at some time in the future. It then helps you build a pathway from then back to now. After setting SMARTER goals, you will learn how to plan your step by step implementation. What you need to do this month, this week, today and right now, to achieve your goals.

The Happiness Advantage"

A total revelation in management thinking that promises to revolutionise performance. Not some woolly tree hugging nonsense but proven, researched and validated management science. When the brain is positive compared to negative, neutral or stressed it is 31% more productive. Positive people see more opportunities, learn quicker, make faster, better decisions and are easier to manage. They take less sick leave and think and speak more positively about their employer’s company. Learn techniques to move your own brain into a positive state, then pass that on to your staff, colleagues and even customers. 

Working with a Multicultural Workforce 

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” according to Peter Drucker. 

 Incorporating national culture into strategy is a neglected opportunity in New Zealand.  We have been slow to recognise the benefits of evidence based national cultural understanding. Never has the need been greater. This despite an increasingly multi-cultural workforce, and being an international trading nation. 

Globalisation increases intercultural interactions. It also increases the probability of cultural misunderstandings, tensions and conflicts. A greater proportion of the workforce is operating outside of their own national culture framework. They manage, or are managed by, and work with people ,from different cultural backgrounds. Many of their customers are from other cultures. 

Aligning national culture, organisational culture and strategy is at the heart of 21st century business success. Learn how to align strategy, business and national cultures for best results. Gain fresh insights to Kiwi national culture. Discover why that’s so important for the way we manage staff and grow our businesses. 

Less stress – more success

 With stress comes headaches, tiredness, mistakes, accidents, conflict and sickness. It’s also nature’s way of preparing us for action, focusing our attention, increasing blood flow to brain and muscles. Stress can be your enemy or friend – depending on how you approach it. This workshop draws on the latest stress research. It focuses on how to recognise that the symptoms of stress are really the body preparing for action. Learn to manage the negative effects of stress. Live a happier, healthier and more productive work and personal life.

Coaching as a Management Style

Coaching is one of the most valuable and powerful management and leadership tools for today’s managers. This workshop presents and helps you master techniques to empower individuals and teams. Help them to take responsibility for and explore and develop their full potential. Learn and practice a suite of coaching tools that you can use immediately. Set goals, grow your staff confidence and performance, resolve conflict and poor performance. Build staff engagement.  

Other Programmes

We can adapt or design programmes for your specific needs. Please contact us by email or phone on 0800 43 1010